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There is a growing body of evidence to support the use of SurgihoneyROTM. It has been shown to kill superbugs in the laboratory and heal chronic wounds.

Laboratory tests compared it to other wound care products and clinical studies demonstrated positive outcomes for a variety of acute and chronic wounds.

Most of the published medical papers and posters can be viewed on this website and all are available on request at

British Journal of Midwifery – Using antimicrobial Surgihoney to prevent caesarean wound infection
15th January 2014

British Journal of Midwifery. Article concludes Surgihoney offers a simple, cost-effective way to reduce surgical site infection in women undergoing C-sections. It is applicable to all health economies.

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Poster – In vitro activity & early clinical evaluation of Surgihoney
21st November 2013

This poster presentation to the 2013 Federation of Infection Societies annual conference presents the first report of in-vitro activity and early clinical evaluation of Surgihoney. It concludes Surgihoney could have a prominent role in soft tissue wound management and reduce the use of antibiotics.

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Poster – early findings of clinical use of Surgihoney in the tropics – 14th March 2013
14th March 2013

This poster presents the early findings of clinical use of Surgihoney in the tropics. It was presented at the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy spring meeting & AGM 2013, at the Royal College of Physicians, London.

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