SurgihoneyRO is an antimicrobial wound gel approved for clinical use in the UK, Europe and Canada. It has a EU CE mark and proven safety and efficacy profile.

The topical wound gel has its roots in discoveries made by founder Ian Staples and research groups in Ireland and the UK which led to novel insights into the role of Reactive Oxygen® as a natural, antimicrobial defence mechanism.

Founders Ian and Stuart Staples with consultant microbiologist Dr Matthew Dryden.

It all began with an observation of nature. What is the secret of the honeybees’ success in protecting their prized honey hoard to feed them over winter? Conditions are ideal for fermentation: nectar is a weak sugar solution, yeast is naturally present and bees forage in warm spring and summer months. What stops it turning into alcohol?Scientists concluded protection comes initially in the production of hydrogen peroxide in nectar, nature’s own antimicrobial solution. As hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species, breaks down, free oxygen radicals are formed deadly to microbes. Fully ripened honey has a low hydrogen peroxide content as its high sugar and low water content (high osmolarity) is enough to stop fermentation.What’s more the researchers invented a way to precisely control or engineer this natural characteristic in honey. The result is SurgihoneyRO, a bioengineered medical honey wound gel that exerts its antimicrobial effect primarily through the slow release of ROS, mainly hydrogen peroxide, to the infection site.Honey has been used for wound healing for centuries. However, there is a huge variation in the antibacterial potency of natural honeys depending on the floral source, geographical location and time of harvest. The efficacy will vary.

SurgihoneyRO has undergone a unique proprietary process that ensures a standardised and reproducible antimicrobial effect due to the sustained release of Reactive Oxygen® when it is diluted with wound exudate. It is not reliant on a single floral source for its potency and can be produced in large quantities. This is a unique innovation.

SurgihoneyRO is sourced from honey with stringent controls to make sure it is ultra-pure and free from antibiotics and pesticides. Gamma irradiation is used to destroy any potential microorganisms without loss of its antimicrobial potency.

Produced by Matoke Holdings Ltd, SurgihoneyRO is the first Reactive Oxygen® agent to reach clinical use.