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International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents – Prosthetic joints: shining light on challenging blind spots

8th December 2016

A collaborative paper by Kordo Saeed et al on behalf of the International Society of Chemotherapy on joint replacement and prosthetic joint infection. It reviews the literature and discusses the role of SurgihoneyRO as an entirely novel solution to controlling/erradicating bacteria by slow, sustained release of hydrogen peroxide and other oxygen radicals. “SHRO is rapidly active in vitro against all Gram-positive and negative bacteria tested [70]. In addition, SHRO is highly antimicrobial and has been found to prevent biofilm formation caused by a range of bacterial species in wounds and reduce the extent of existing biofilms [71]. This makes SHRO highly relevant for local  therapy in arthroplasty with great potential for the control of bioburden and biofilm at these sites, thus providing an alternative to antibiotics, but as it is not a conventional antibiotic, it is less likely to select resistance. SHRO also provides healing and possibly angio-neurogenerative properties). It has been effectively used to treat chronic wounds, to prevent SSI and eradicate colonisation with resistance bacteria [72-74]. SHRO has been used clinically on a limited number of complex revision arthroplasty with safety and efficacy [75].  More in vivo studies and clinical trials of these novel technologies and agents are warranted as alternative approaches in managing PJI especially where implant retention is intended or unavoidable.”

Please note this medical use (arthroplasty) is outside of the indications or conditions for which Surgihoney® is currently accredited as an antimicrobial wound dressing.

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